BLOG 2nd July 2014

Firstly I must apologise as it has been a few weeks since our last BLOG. We have been busy with orders and now the wedding season is upon us there are lots of ‘on the day stationery’ to do. We can’t wait to share with you some photos once their wedding day is here. Not long to wait !

Just a reminder that we also do Party invitations, Christening invitations, Holy Communion invitations, Birth Announcements and Baby Shower invitations, so if you have an occasion coming up why not let us design an invitation for your special occasion. Our children's activity boxes are going down a storm and are very popular for younger guests at weddings and parties.

In this BLOG we would like to say a little bit about Order of Services and Order of the Day    Order of Service is normally just for church weddings and Order of the Day are for weddings that are taking place in venues.


Just as the title says, it is the running order of the service, so that your guest can follow what is happening. It is also best to speak to the person who is conducting the service about how you would like to list the order of service, as not all churches follow the same layout. With a church wedding it is traditional to sing two or three hymns. Many couples are unaware that you are not allowed to print the words of certain hymns because of copyright laws, so this is always worth checking. The rule generally is if the writer of the hymn has been dead for 70 years or more then it is normally alright to print the words, but there are some exceptions so always check. Don’t worry if it’s a hymn you like:- the way around it is just to print the title of the hymn in your Order of Service with the hymn number, the church will have hymn books for you and your guests to use.

Useful websites are:

But if in doubt also speak to the church where you are getting married.


This is a similar running order of what happens, but for non-church weddings.

For example:-

Order of the Day

For the marriage of 

Gemma Hollis


Richard Jones 

The Manor Hotel, Wickford

Saturday 28th June 2014 

2.30pm Drinks served in the Blue Room

3pm Wedding Ceremony in the Gold Room

4pm Photographs on the lawn

5pm Wedding Breakfast

6.30pm Toast and Speeches

7.30pm Evening Reception

9pm Evening Buffet

12.00 Bride and Groom depart

1.00am Carriages arrive


Order of Service and Order of the Day:  Some couples like to give their guests one each, but as a general rule, one per couple is fine. With the Order of the Day some couples just have one displayed, maybe in a frame at the entrance of the venue.

BLOG 21/05/14

Week 3’s BLOG: Sorry it is a few days late but I have been busy working on orders this week and with the weather being so nice, I did have a few hours off to enjoy the lovely sunshine, although not quite so nice now, where has the sun gone.

Another order this week for a wedding abroad and this one is in New York - how lovely!  I am doing so many invitations for couples who are getting married abroad.  I will share with you their choice of invitations as soon as their wedding day is over.

I am working on some new designs.  Some of you may have seen our new Vintage range - only the invitation sample has been done at the moment but it is available in co-ordinating stationery for the wedding day.  Take a look at it on my Facebook page and it will be on the website soon.

I also have some new designs using some lovely handmade embossed papers. I have only had time to work on a couple of the samples at the moment but I'm hoping to bring you some more very soon.            

Well just about enough time to tell you a bit more about ‘The History of Wedding Invitations.’ In the last two blogs I covered how weddings were announced by the Town Crier and then the arrival of the letter press .

In 1796 Alois Senefelder invented lithography, which translates as "wirting on stone".  He found that grease and water do not mix, so he used a greasy crayon and wrote or drew an image onto smooth polished limstone.  The stone was repeatedly made wet and inked, then put through a printing press, so the same design was able to be creative many times.

Some 20 years later a manual  was translated into French and English, therefore making this process available for others to try.

Books written by Emily Post and Amy Vandebilt on etiquette made the use of stationery for wedding and events very popular. Commerical printing of wedding invitations came after the Second World War and over the years there have been lots of different types and styles.

I wish you all a lovely Spring Bank Holiday weekend and hope the sun keeps shining.

Don’t forget Fathers Day is on the 15th June and anyone wanting personalised mugs or chocolate bars please let me know as soon as possible.  Last orders for these will be the 31st May, but there may be limited stock if left until then.

Bye for now

Val x


BLOG 8th May 2014
I can’t believe another week has passed and it’s my SECOND BLOG!

I hope you all had a lovely May Day Bank Holiday weekend - the weather wasn’t bad either, only a few weeks and we can all have another one – that’s Spring Bank Holiday Weekend on the 24th May for those of you that do not know.

Well it’s been another busy week here at K M Design - one of the things I have been working on this week is the Order of Services and Menus for a wedding that is taking place in Venice in June - what a lovely romantic city. I have been lucky enough to go to Venice twice, and each time it amazes me with all the canals and pretty bridges that link the city.

Last week I shared with you a little history of wedding invitations.  I mentioned that the Town Crier announced weddings in the Middle Ages; the follow on to that is how and when paper wedding invitations started.

Around the mid 1300 century saw the arrival of the printing press in Europe. Ink was stamped onto paper but the ink was of poor quality and would often smudge.  Most people could not read or write so there was not much use for wedding invitations, the weddings were still announced by the Town Crier or people would simply tell each other.

Wealthier families would ask monks to write their wedding invitations as they had beautiful handwriting, and the family crest was often added to an invitation. There wasn't any postal service, so servants would deliver invitations by hand often on horseback. The invitation would have a double envelope and on arrival at its destination the outer envelope would be removed by the servant before it was given to the Lord or Lady of the household. This was to make sure it arrived in good condition.

Tissue paper was put inside the invitation in case of any ink smudges and it is still used today (I was once asked if I could do this when a couple came to see me, which of course I would have done, but they decided against it.  I am glad to say I did their wedding invitations for them and their 'on the day' stationery).

In the next blog I will talk about modern wedding invitations of today.

UPDATE  I am still working on the gift range and I am hoping it will not be too long before it is on the website, but please keeping looking at my facebook page as items will be added to that. Please note, facebook does not always notify me when someone puts a comment on, so please pm me or send me an email if you would like any further information about anything.

I am also trying to find time to work on some new designs, I am hoping to soon add a vintage lace range using recycled kraft card.

Just a reminder Father’s Day is on the 15th June and if anyone would like any of the personalised mugs or chocolates, these items are taking between 7 to 10 days. Last order for any personalised items will be the 31st May.

Bye for now

Val  x

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BLOG 30th April 2014

posted 30 Apr 2014, 12:03 by KM Design

AT LAST!  Our blog is up and running, it's been on the to do list for quite a while just waiting to find the time to do it. So with a big sigh of excitement here goes:-

I am hoping to update the blog once a week depending on how busy I am in the K M Design Studio, so forgive me if it takes me a little longer than a week between posts.

For those of you who do not know me and this may be your first visit to K M Design, let me introduce myself: my name is Val and I am the owner of K M Design. We mainly do wedding stationery but over the past few years have added most types of invitations for parties and christenings and in the last few months we have added gifts to our range. I also do flower arrangements mainly in silk, but I also do foam flowers, fresh flowers and wooden roses.  I have an NCFE qualification in floristry.

The aim of the blog is to keep you up to date on all the news, developments, designs and products here at K M Design and of course any gossip relating to the wedding industry.

In each blog I am hoping to share with you a little of the history of weddings for example when, how and why couples started sending out wedding invitations.

In the Middle Ages it was traditional for the Town Crier to announce the news of the day and that included any weddings taking place, so if you were in ear shot of hearing and you fancied it, you just went along. Can you imagine that today?  You wouldn't have any idea how many people would turn up, how many you would be catering for, and how stressful that would be! Still I expect weddings all those years ago were not like the weddings we see today:- probably the residents of the village or town were only a few hundred people, if that.

I will leave the next instalment of how and when paper invitations started for the next blog, otherwise there won't be any time to tell you about what's happening at K M Design headquarters.

Well, a busy start to the year, lots of invitations done and sent out to our lovely couples, - the weddings are fast approaching so 'on the day' stationery to do, looks like a few busy months ahead. Plus this year we have already done 50th Birthday Party invitations and Silver Wedding Anniversary invitations.

New Products we are adding a gift range for those special occasions, some of you may have seen them on our facebook page already, we are hoping to add these to our website soon.

Father’s Day is on Sunday 15th June for those of you who do not know. We have personalised mugs and chocolate bars, or we have our gift hampers, which start from £10.00. If you would like any of the personalised items, please order as soon as possible, as these can take between 7 to 10 days.

Well it’s time for me to sign off now and get back to finishing some orders; we have lots of new things coming up and some news about our new website.

It would be great to hear from you, if you get a moment let me know your thoughts on my first blog, or if there is anything you would like to know about any of our products please email me I would love to hear from you. 

Contact by email

Bye for now!

Val x

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